Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Quiescis BLOG FREEbie from Julie Mead Designs

Quiescis: Latin meaning to be at peace, quiet.

The complete collection was created with the meaning in mind, soft peaceful colors, tranquil settings, thoughtful elements.  A collection of items you can return to over and over.  The complete collection includes all parts:  

Quiescis 1:  5 backgrounds, 36 elements
Quiescis 2:  8 blendables, 25 elements
Quiescis Background Add On:  22 backgrounds
Quiescis Super Element Pack:  109 elements

 Purchase individual kits or buy the collection.

Quiescis Quick Page FREEbie

 with special thanks to Anja

(please click on the image to begin the download)

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