Thursday, January 19, 2017

Photos Beyond the Norm

I love to scroll through Instagram.
It inspires me to see other photography, art, and digital layouts.
I usually do my Instagram trolling when I'm in the car or waiting in the dr.'s office.
Today I got tagged in a post on Instagram and was notified so my curiosity got the better of me and I immediately headed over to see what the post was about.  

My mouth dropped open.
A big smile appeared on my face.
And as usual, I am in awe and wonder of how other people use my designs in ways I never dreamed of.
This layout/photo was so simple yet so ingenious that I had to ask the creator if they would share it with our readers.
Not only do I get to share the final image but the creator actually explains in a few simple steps what she did.

A very special thanks to Ann Morton for sharing and for inspiring!
~Julie Mead

(from Ann Morton)
Like anyone else, I get a lot of joy from looking at my travel photos.  By altering an image just a tad, I can end up with a truly unique creation.

This piece was pretty simple to put together.  I used both my computer and my tablet to create the final image, but this all could have been done on the tablet alone.

 I converted the image to black and white then created a sketch effect of the photo with an app.

  I painted over the tree and grass with pink on two different layers (changing blending modes on each layer for effect).  

Finally, I placed the fashionable figure from Julie Mead's Potential in Black kit into the document, adding a small drop shadow behind her.

 In just a few steps, I had created a new twist on my travel memory.

Ann Morton

You can find and follow Ann at the following:

Potential in Black

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