Monday, August 13, 2018

FREE Paint Splats Accordion Mini Book Templates

by Julie Mead

I make these accordion mini books for my photography clients.

They just love them!

These make fabulous gifts for family members, especially moms or grandmas because they can tuck them into their purse and pull them out anytime to share and show!  It's like having a family photo album in your purse!

Mpix creates these fun accordion books.
Keep reading though!
I have some tips, help, and a gift for you!

On Sunday, August 12, 2018 I received an email from Mpix announcing a HUGE sale for these books.  Excerpt from the email
"On August 14th only, you can save 50% on accordion minis.  This just *might* be the biggest little mini sale of the year."

When I saw this sale I knew I needed to do something quick so you could take advantage of this fantastic sale!

So I created this accordion mini book template pack for you to download now!  Just click on the image below and the download will begin automatically.  When you click on it, your computer should open a new page and start downloading it.  Just be sure you know where that download is going.  If you cannot locate the template folder just do a quick search on your computer for PaintSplats_AccordionMini.

Once you have downloaded the pack of templates, open it, and
you will notice they come with 2 folders.
No Journal Strip
Journal Strip
As you can see in the image above, at the bottom right of it are 2 different kinds of templates to choose from.  One that is plain and one the has a little strip across the bottom for adding a title or words of your choice.
Each folder contains 6 numbered images and will create a uniform page that seamlessly creates one large continuous strip of paper if kept in their numbered order.

Once you have downloaded the templates you can open your editing software of your choice and begin creating your book.

If you are not sure which software to use or are unfamiliar with photo editing software such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, you can try out Adobe's FREE app called Adobe Photoshop Mix.

Here's information on downloading this FREE app to the mobile device of your choice.

Once you have it downloaded you will need to transfer the individual template sections to your app.
There are lots of ways to do download the template sections from your computer to your mobile device but one of the quickest ways is using an app called Instashare.
Not only is this app quick and easy but you can also share across platforms, for example, you can go from your PC to your apple device.

Click on this link to find the Instashare download you will need for your computer and also your mobile device.  Once you get them both downloaded and installed then open them both and they will automatically sync with each other.

Open one of the template folders (No Journal Strip or Journal Strip) and start with template 1.
It's important that you work with these templates in order from 1 - 6 or at the very least make sure you get them printed in order.

If your Instashare app is not open on your computer and also your mobile device do so now.
Locate accordion template title Minipage on your computer.  Drag it to Instashare.  You will need to accept it on your mobile device.  You will hear a click and a whoosh and the image will now appear on your device.  

Once you have moved the template to your device you can now follow along on this little video I made showing how to use the Photoshop Mix App.

I now there is not much time but I hope you will be able to take advantage of this sale at Mpix and will be able to get your own adorable accordion mini book!

Remember the sale is on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 only!


...and if you really feel adventurous and would like to add some embellishments keep reading!

The paint splats I used to create the template for the mini accordion books comes from
Magnificent Mayhem Encore Edition Elements Add On by Julie Mead

Check out the complete collection of Magnificent Mayhem by Coppercurls Designs and Julie Mead Designs by clicking HERE.
Below is just a few samples of the many add ons we have created.

During the month of August you can get this collection as a free gift with any $10 or more order from the store.

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