Saturday, July 30, 2016

Where Did the Summer Go? Sunflower Blendable Set Freebie

A recent trip to one of my favorite craft supply stores gave me a bit of a wake up call — summer is nearly over!

Now, I wasn't upset because yet another summer has passed and I haven't added flowers to my landscaping (trust and believe that ship has SAILED). I was confronted with the harsh reality that soon we'd be headed into full-blown craft show season. It's the crafting equivalent of getting caught with your drawers down. Yikes!

How did it manage to creep up on me again?

I hope that your creative plans are moving along nicely, and that you are ready to start whipping up layouts featuring First Day of School photos, lunch ladies in hairnets, etc. To help accessorize those photos, I've created a trio of sunflower blendables in the shape of LEAVES!

I am absolutely over the moon about these — and am so excited to share them with you. I hope you'll have fun working with them, and that you'll send me a note and share your photos!

If not, I may be forced to show up on your doorstep in a hairnet. And nobody wants to see that!

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